(TB) Tall Bearded Iris

'Belle Fille'

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AIS Data

(TB) 'Belle Fille' 2015, Smith'Belle Fille' (Marky Smith, R. 2011). Seedling 08-05B. TB, 34" (86 cm). Early to late bloom. Standards hyacinth violet (RHS 87A), primrose ruffled edge and base; style arms cream edged and rimmed yellow, crests lilac touched yellow; falls vatican purple (83A), thin cream edge, cream white area surrounding beard, rudimentary luminata cream veining just below white heart, surrounded in turn by 1/4" bright yellow ring bleeding out to brown shoulder, small white dart below beard; beards white base, hairs tipped yellow at end becoming solid golden poppy-orange (25A) in throat; heavily ruffled, luminata pattern; pronounced sweet fragrance. Seedling 06-23L: ('Queen Eleanor Of Aquitaine' x seedling 03-22F: (('Bruneau Jasper' x 'Flights Of Fancy') x 'High Master')) X Keppel seedling 02-106A: ('High Master' x seedling 00-72C: (seedling 97-88A: (seedling 93-36B: ('Handshake' x seedling 91-155A: ('Cross Current' x seedling 88-39A: (seedling 84-122A: ('Snowbrook' x 'Blackout') x seedling 85-45A: (seedling 80-131E, 'Snowbrook' sibling x seedling 80-136B: (seedling 74-54J, 'Rain Flurry' sibling x 'Charmed Life'))))) x seedling 91-153B: ('Spirit World' x 'Answered Prayers')) x seedling 92-23A: ('Spirit World' x seedling 90-34A: ('Fancy Woman' x seedling 86-23A: (seedling 79-47A: ('Goddess' x seedling 77-137F: (seedling 74-35C, 'Mistress' sibling x seedling 74-52A: (seedling 71-35C: ('Joy Ride' x 'Roundup') x seedling 70-51B: ('April Melody' x seedling 68-40B: (seedling 66-35B: (seedling 63-48A: ('Irma Melrose' x 'Tea Apron') x seedling 64-45G: (seedling 61-48D: ('Full Circle' x 'Rococo') x 'Tea Apron')) x 'April Melody'))))) x seedling 82-3C: ('Goddess' x seedling 77-137F)))))). Salmon Creek 2015. Honorable Mention 2017.


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