(TB) Tall Bearded Iris

'Cant Touch This'

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AIS Data

(TB) 'Can't Touch This' 2004, Schreiner'Can't Touch This' (Schreiner, R. 2004). Seedling# JJ 630-A. TB, 36" (91 cm), Early midseason bloom. Standarads white (RHS 155B); style arms white; falls blue (93B) Beards yellow. Seedling# W 170-1: (seedling# R 256-A: (seedling# K 1166-1: ('Shoreline' sibling x 'Brook Flower') x seedling# K1149-1: (seedling# D 241-1: (seedling# Y 240-B: (seedling# R 632-3: ('First Violet', x 'King's Choice') x seedling# T 617-A ('Allegiance' x seedling# M 999-A: (seedling# J 237-D: ('Pierre Menard', x 'Blue Ensign') x 'Harbor Blue'))) x seedling# Y 203-A: (seedling# R 631-C: ('First Violet' x 'Arabi Pasha') x seedling# S 635-A: ('Salem' x 'Bluebird Blue'))) x seedling# H 196-A: ('Tropical Night' x seedling# B 303-3: (seedling# V 808-1: (seedling# R 221-C: ('Caroline Jane' x 'Rococo') x 'Emma Cook') x seedling# W 922-1: ('Toll Gate' x 'After Dark'))))) x 'Royal Crusader') X seedling# FF 566-A: (seedling# W 170-1 x 'Northwest Progress'). Schreiner 2004. Honorable Mention 2006.


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