(TB) Tall Bearded Iris

'Kissed By The Sun'

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AIS Data

(TB) 'Kissed By The Sun' 2006, Schreiner'Kissed By The Sun' (Schreiner, R. 2006). Seedling KK 1348-B. TB, 36" (91 cm), Midseason bloom. Standards white (RHS 155C); falls yellow (3B); beards golden yellow. 'Overjoyed' X seedling BB 1738-1: ('Écho De France' x seedling Y 561-A: (seedling S 953-2: (seedling M 633-F: (seedling H 761-A: (seedling D 1158-B: (seedling Y 1290-BB: (seedling R 116-3, 'Imperial Lilac' sibling x 'Arctic Flame') x 'White Taffeta') x 'Launching Pad') x seedling K 1250-A: (seedling E 568-4: ('Lightning Ridge' x seedling B 948-8: ('Wine And Roses' x 'Gypsy Lullaby')) x seedling H 761-B)) x 'Tulip Festival') x seedling R 744-F: (seedling K 872-C: (seedling C 1365-2: (seedling V 408-12: (seedling R 808-E: (seedling L 424-C: ('Black Mischief' x seedling G 268-C: ('Black Forest' x 'Starless Night')) x seedling L 474-J: (seedling I 158-A: ('Blue Glow' x 'Black Belle') x 'Storm Warning')) x 'Black Swan') x seedling T 1322-A: (K 348: (seedling 50-78 x seedling I 2275-B) x unknown)) x Craig seedling 37) x seedling K 1119-C: (seedling G 792-A: (seedling Y 1261-AA: (seedling R 127-9: (unknown x 'Snowy Heron') x seedling T 917-B: ('Mary Randall' x 'Amethyst Flame')) x seedling A 424-A: (seedling S 803-A: (seedling M 728-B: ('Inca Chief' x 'Lady Albright') x seedling N 966-1: (seedling L 356-A: ('Miogem' x 'Oriental Glory') x seedling L 359-A: (seedling G 318-A, 'Color Glo' sibling x 'Savage'))) x seedling R 965-1: (seedling L 333-B: ('Halolight' x 'Inca Chief') x seedling L 312-1, 'Brass Accents' sibling))) x 'Louise Watts')))). Schreiner 2006. Honorable Mention 2008.


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