(TB) Tall Bearded Iris

'Laced Cotton'

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AIS Data

(TB) 'Laced Cotton' 1980, Schreiner'Laced Cotton' (Schreiner, R. 1978). Seedling# I 551-1. TB, height 34" (86 cm), Midseason to late bloom. Ruffled and laced pure white self; lemon to near white beard. Seedling# E-275-A: ('Crinkled Joy' x seedling# B 696-AA) X 'Grand Waltz'. Schreiner 1980. Honorable Mention 1982; Award of Merit 1984.Note: Related links; Laced Flowers



Carte Blanche, Stepping Dancer, Golden Wedding Lace, Samba Bilykh Metelykiv, Den Sviatoyi Tetiany, Twilight Rapture, Lisova Pisnia, Servin Up Sparkle, Lady Of Substance, Approach Shot, Blue Hour, Sunlit Crest, Softly Renewed, Kitchen Sink Too, White Crow, Mabel C, Aegidienturm, Mystic Lace, Oedipussi, Evelyn Kuykendall, Delightful Woman, Desert Morning, Don Epifano, Plum Carrot, Tillinghast, Arctic Flurry, TB Magic Interlude, Arctic Age, Grenada Lake Whitecap, Flamboyant Dance, LAppat, Bonnie Bell, By Golly, Last Song, Cumulus, Clou, Pink Fandango, Hidden Glow, Lady Natalie, Ri-Sampei, My Way, Jerilee, Jerilee, Alaskan Sunrise, Perinbaba, Big Creek, Vesenniy Sneg, Obispo Moment, Cultured Pearl, Morning Frost, Hannah Denette, Bisomele, Snow Country, Zuzana, Edzon Factor, Huascaran, Lacy Sharmalay, Zlatohlavek, Guys Gold, Rhonda Fleming, Diamond Bracelet, Working Man, Winterfest, Strawberry Strand, Vabu, Pleasantly Warm, Bluelight Special, Graft, Arctic Princess, Pure-As-The, Sunday Morning, Lady Lucille, Molly Jessica, Vanishing Act, Delicate Touch, Weiss Guy, Greta, Knockin On Heavens Door, Blue For John, Stiuardessa, Queen Of Angels, Cumel, Jordan Alexis Thomas, Canadian Streaker, Mys Horn, Frosted Lavender, Push Out Horns, Pershe Prychastia, Koronny Nomer, Buchholzer Sonnenaufgang, Silicon Prairie, Chantilly Bride, Fallalery, Ruth Simmons, Lemon Fire, Pannochka, Exploding Sun, Impressionistic Gal, Konkurent, Aegean Wind, Fancy Stuff, Novorichny Son, Sky Blue Waters, Mothers Love, Taffy Surprise, Oasis Sierra, Code Blue, Moonlit Lace, Life Story, Sonata Buzku, Pani Ambra, White Silence, Amethyst Smile, Eirian, Morskoy Priboy, Joyful Moment, Best Of Luck, Emerald Skies, Serebristy Iney, Moonbow, Nod to Rob, Funny Bird, Wookie Dhat, Morse Code, Minnesota Dream, Scotland Yard, Oasis Kim, Sunny Lynn, Sparkling Dew, Shark, Lady Bird Johnson, Etty, Krasna Vasilisa, Krasna Vasilisa, Frazzle Dazzle, Chuang-Che, Corsair Fighter,


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