(TB) Tall Bearded Iris

'Mary Randall'

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AIS Data

(TB) 'Mary Randall' 1951, Fay'Mary Randall' (Orville Fay, R. 1950). Seedling# T48-3. TB, Height 36" (91 cm), Midseason bloom.. Self of Bengal rose (Wilson), with red beard. 'New Horizon' x (Fay seedling: 'Pink Cameo' x 'Chérie'). Fay 1951. High Commendation 1950; Honorable Mention 1951; Award of Merit 1953; American Dykes Medal 1954.



New Horizon, Pink Cameo,


Golden Masterpiece, Pinkomine, Wyoma, First Edition, Precious Cargo, River Patrol, Soft Shoulders, Dubonnet Deb, Sunshine Yellow, Day Glow, Apricot Cream, Apricot Cream, Mighty Pretty, Tassie Plume, Copper Craft, September, Rippled Silver, Kissed By The Sun, Our Rose, Royal Fanfare, Defender, Wings Of Dreams, Heavenly Pink, My Mary, Chinese Coral, Boise Rose, Burn, Mystery One, Badger Belle, Lovely Light, Merry Orchid, Rose Rhythm, Spring Petals, Off Shore, Surprise Surprise, Sarkstone, Colorado Melody, Ecru Dreams, Spillway, Sirens Call, Irene Nelson, Irene Nelson, Dawns Early Light, Luzon Crosby, Robin Redbreast, Mary Sue, Olive Langdon, Imagination, Button Stitched, Hoosier Beauty, Russet Glow, Pink Ripples, Lovable You, Coral Elegance, Pink Gables, Iris Corsage, Discotheque, Silver Sunset, Porto Bello, Swamp Fire, Swamp Fire, Kissin Kin, Mission Rose, Annette, Saturn Moon, Flaming Heart, Orange Tip, Hope Divine, Kings County, Henna Rust, Big Mary, Ski Colorado, Hawaiian Melody, Jolly Sprite, Fashion Show, Molly Brown, Yellow Whirligig, Ancient Amber, Souzvuk, Elizabeth De Witz, Plum Delight, Smoke Mist, Changing World, Morning Thunder, Paola, Melbreak, Jeanette Allen, Miss Walla Walla, Pleasant Dreams, Pleasant Dreams, Chinese Coral By Fay, Valentine Heart, Lodore, Lynda Mai, Illini Moon, Exotic Buff, Laced Charm, Highland Waters, Bridal Satin, Catherine Gleason, Cumberland Rose, Okaw Gold, Dancinig Light, Bayberry Candle, Heather Patterson, Okaw Lavender, Firenze, Karen Maddock, Itsa Dilly, Pueblo Rose, Tiananmen Square, Password, Moonlight And Roses, Janet Marie, May Breeze, Jubilant Psalm, Rippling Wine, Prosit, Dixie Peach, Orange Blossom Special, Prairie Blaze, Sirius Shimmer, Ovation, Arena Show, Bronze Penny, Pretty Carol, Mandarin Rose, Heathen, Frosted Violet, Chinese Lantern, Avis, Fashionette, Fashionette, Joy Bilston, Bon Voyage, Florins Song, Peach Glow, Bessie B, Celestial Delight, Gracie Pfost, Cheyenne Autumn, Jersey Queen, Golden Kiwi, Bill Norman, Southern Triumph, Milady, Pompano Peach, Lilac Charmer, Smoky Mountain, Command Performance by Schirmer, Truly Grand, Blue Dove, Lisa, Chocolate Wonder, Yellow River, Palisade Peach, Celestial Glory, Call Me Madam, Guitar Country, Agape Love, Hastings Festival, Maryland Lass, Village Flame, Cloud Fire, Master Chord, Mary No, Mary No, Blond Haven, My Donna, Flaring Ivory, Noble Guest, Country Cuzzin, Snow Flame, Ruth Elizabeth, Amorous, Amorous, Pink Tailor, Anne Michelle, Gift Of Love, Roman Candle, Ena Jones, Lake Como, Ingaborg Gisella, Carmena Burana, Emerald Fountain, Lilac Parade, Lighted Lantern, Frosted Lilac, Royal Reward, Swingin Safari, Catalyst, Exodus, Malinovy Rassvet, Party Time, Marjorie Miller, Precious Token, Black Flag, Lilting Melody, Carla Gleason, Triworthy, Swiss Charm, Mabel Lucille, Idaho Cream, Roman Summer, Fine Touch, Fleeta, Texas Rouge, Lucky Day, Happy Again, Blithe Angel, Idaho Gold, Sherrianna, Shandin, Blushing Venus, Raspberry Rhapsody, Pretty One, Ann Louise, Fairy Mist, Pink Splendour, Sashay, Ancient Egypt, Celebration, Creation Twilight, Native Dancer, Sultry Siren, Jolly Jumbuk, Summer Pearl, Damson Beauty, Alembic, After Sundown, Risque, Maiden Flight, Dancing Embers, Rich Dreams, Sky Pillow, Golden Delight, Golden Delight, Violet Sunset , Snow Leopard, Tammy Jean Dolan, Antilles, Antilles, Mulberry Lane, Hearthglow, Triune, Chue, Mary Star, Hallelujah Miss, Big Brown Penny, Edwardian, Ruth Of Moab, Preferred Man, Punkin, Sweet Lilani, Sweet Lilani, Grand Coulee, Autumn Tints, Wimbledon, Pretty Gay, Golden Oak, Riot, Love Letters, Apricot Nectar, Oui Madame, Magic Song, Sleeping Princess, Ethel Helms, Mauve Veil, Tanya, Indian Head, Picture Pretty, Terry Lee, Dancing Lady, Highland Thistle, Mary Gadd, Threshold, Psycho-Della, Kriss Kross, Kriss Kross, Queens Attire, At Sundown, Kachina Doll, Imperial Amethyst, Cuban Belle, Rainbow Gold, Loves Dawning, Flaming Arrow, Merry Mary, Gracious Living, Smartys Child, Wenhaston Charm, Wenhaston Charm, Apricot Honey, Rosa Bledsoe, Sea Lyric, Magic Halo, Naughty Nettie, Arctic Dawn, Goldinhart, Goldinhart, Alyce Naylor, Bright Beam, Golden Charmer, Colonial Bouquet, New Token, Twilight Gold, Anne Adams, Cherry Jubilee, Dream Street, Dream Street, La Paloma, Wedding Cake, Opal Sheen, Second Look, Mary Esther,


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