(TB) Tall Bearded Iris


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AIS Data

(TB) 'Maybe' 2004, Nearpass'Maybe' (D. C. Nearpass, deceased, by Donald Spoon, R. 2004). Seedling# 94-422. TB, height 39" (99 cm), Midseason late bloom. Standards style arms and falls butter yellow (RHS 9B), falls have yellow edge around dark rose-violet (77 A/B) border, inner splashes of rose violet; beards orange; lightly ruffled. Seedling# 89-31: (seedling# 81-11: (seedling# 77-26: ('Touché' x seedling# 6-68-27: ('Country Music' x 'Lady Of Loudoun')) x 'Sea Of Stars') x 'Gypsy Woman') X seedling# 88-16: ('Homeward Bound' x seedling# 79-9: (seedling# 77-35: ('Lady Of Loudoun' x seedling# J-69-72: ('Morning Breeze' x seedling# 4-67-10: (seedling# 1-63-16: ('Enchanted Violet' x 'Emma Cook')) x 'Pretty Carol'))) x seedling# O-76-15: (seedling# K-70-7: (seedling# 6-68-23: ('Country Music' x 'Lady Of Loudoun') x seedling# 6-68-12: ('Lady Of Loudoun' x seedling# 4-66-12: (seedling# 1-63-16: ('Enchanted Violet' x 'Emma Cook')))) x seedling# M-72-20: ('Robin Redbreast' x seedling# 6-69-89: ('Lilting Melody' x seedling# 1-64-7: ('Graduation Gift' sibling, x seedling# 9-61-6: ('Snow Flurry' x 'Whole Cloth'))))))). Winterberry 2004. * References References: From AIS Bulletin #332 January 2004 Introducing Maybe (C. Nearpass/C&P) TB, 39" (99 cm), ML. Sdlg. #94-422. Lightly ruffled butter yellow (RHS 9B) with complex Emma Cook rose violet pattern in the falls with yellow edge around the dark rose violet (77A-B) border with inner dark splashes of rose violet color. Orange beards. Floriferous clump with sturdy stalks with 5 t0 7 buds. Charlie admired this tall seedling for its bright springtime pastel colors. (Sdlgs. 80-31 X88-16, Involved parentage including Homeward Bound, Gypsy Woman, Touche, Sea of Stars, Lady of Loudoun, and Robin Redbreast). $35. Winterberry Gardens.


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