(TB) Tall Bearded Iris


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AIS Data

(TB) 'Melodrama' 1956, Cook'Melodrama' (Paul Cook, R. 1956). Seedling# 11152. TB, height 38" (97 cm), Midseason bloom. Standards pallid violet, paler in upper part; falls mauve to manganese violet, beard near. 'Dreamcastle' X P. Cook seedling# 6050: (P. Cook Blue seedling x P. Cook seedling# 6748). Longfield 1956. Honorable Mention 1956; Award of Merit 1958.





Betty Mills, Dream Lover, Misty Mountain, Close Up, Soft Echo, Bright Cloud, Tropic Touch, Harbor View, Musical Theme, Vibrations, Aletheia, Lucelia, Verinice, Tints, Red Lion, Touch Of Orchid, Sugar Biscuit, Loreleis Song, Western Host, Diabolique, Diabolique, Sunrise Elegy, Demure Deb, Tuolome, Linna Blanc, Lovely Ballerina, Hi-Kwalitee, Champagne Party, Kelly, Panoramic, Blue Olympics, Salome Dancing, Mahalo, Pink Fiesta, Golwave, Thelmas Fancy, Silver Hues, Broadmere, First Sea Lord, Focal Point, Rolling Waves, Autumn Hills, Wichita Maid, Adventure Bay, Dark Passion, Dark Passion, Orchid Echo, Matinee Idol, Pleasant Guest, Flan, Antique Taffeta, Ivory Keys, Spinning Wheel, Three Star General, Spyglass Hill, Rosilla, Design Dandy, Masters Delight, Lee Ann, Marionette, Alaskan Night, Arabeca, Sunny Circle, Sunny Circle, Cosmopolitan, Exotic Wings, Twohues, Quiet Gypsy, Clippership, Beauty Bride, Sunny Dream, Apropos, Lovely One, Len Dalton, Jane Beer, Ad Astra, Rosabelle V, Rosabelle V, Smiles, Morning Medley, Miss Virginia, Miss Virginia, Fontaine, Native Beauty, Rippling Wine, Orinda, Loving Care, Cherokee Princess, Rosie OGrady, Flamingo Blues, Charm Of Eden, Orchid Lane, Melenard, Infinite Grace, Johnie Esther, Flight Time, Golden Kiwi, Cloud Capers, Sudden Spring, Sunset Blues, Tip Toes, Gay Parasol, East Windsong, Cool River, Rustic Royalty, Chocolate Wonder, Hilight, Guitar Country, English Lullaby, Woodland Shadows, Rippling Clouds, Smart Set, Bouree, Green Chic, Es-Me, Gembrook, Surprise Pattern, Sea Dream, Doris Marie, Encore, Orchid Surprise, Gift Of Love, Gondolier, Polar Beauty, Modern Trend, Moon Walk, Blue Apron, Wine Merchant, Gypsy Lullaby, Bold Hour, Hamburger Feuer, Sweet Wonder, Bon Vivant, Spellbreaker, Spellbreaker, Sooner Serenade, Mildred Hill, Bold Beauty, Amarillo Ruffles, Amarillo Ruffles, Amarillo Ruffles, Jolly Jumbuk, Jolly Jumbuk, Gentle Presence, Gentle Presence, Cloud Peak, Lake Cleveland, Heres My Heart, Lucinou, Butterfly Waltz, Sommersymphonie, Just For Laughs, Fire Goddess, Shotover Gold, Shotover Gold, Tombac, Magic Valley, Dawn Duet, Preferred Man, Sombrero Blanco, Oro-Guinda, Major League, Upper Glow, Wheal Sperris, Amberesque, Sentimental Rose, Dramatic, Wild Plum, Lavender Swirls, Loves Young Dream, Threshold, Garden Path, Glorious Sunshine, Sweet Sleep, Odyssey, Jeweled Empress, Cuban Belle, Gracious Living, Jazz Combo, Amigos Guitar, Sapphirama, Verinovel, Mark 1, Rose Tattoo, Tisripley, Majestic Horizon, Purple Pepper, Spicy, Goldie Ann, Patterned Beauty, Queen Of Florence, Heather Valley, Roter Baron, Gala Affair,


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