(TB) Tall Bearded Iris


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AIS Data

(TB) 'Mesmerizer' 1991, Byers'Mesmerizer' (Monty Byers, R. 1990). Seedling E101-1. TB, 36" (91 cm), Midseason bloom. Ruffled white; beards tangerine red with large uplifted frilly white flounce terminating in pale green button pompon. Seedling# B37-12: ('Sky Hooks' x 'Condottiere') X 'Branching Out'. Moonshine 1991. Honorable Mention 1993; Award of Merit 1996; Wister Medal 2000; American Dykes Medal 2002.



Elmers Pineece, Glitter Gulch, Devichiy Rumianets, Up In Arms, Auntie Claudia, King Of The World, Broadway Contender, Bingo Bango Bongo, Placebo, Prom King, Ask And Receive, Oasis Space Nine, Devichiyi Griozy, Kniaz Golitsyn, Hurry Up Sun, Hurry Up Sun, What Did Delaware, Stardock, Marie Alaina, Mesmerizing Flame, Police Stories, All Aflutter, Lornas Blue Lagoon, Return Of Innocence, Breckenridge Wonderland, Good Golly Miss Molly, Men Like Me, Severianochka, All Gussied Up, Queen Of Diamonds, Poliarnaya Zvezda, Lietuvos Karys, Masterwork, Blagorodny Prints, Taras Bulba, Peach And Love, Tango Zhuravliv, Under A Spell, Interstellar Fellar, American Sparkler, George S. Benson, Air Up There, Angel Flair, Achy Breaky Heart, Oasis Pinto, When You Wish, Oasis Dragon, Lo My Love, Rozpriahaite Khloptsi Konei, Lornas Banana Creamsicle, Oasis Blue Boy, Maceys Magic, Andrea, Patsys Petticoat, Oasis Double, Wind Whisperer, Anna Queen Of France, Dornspiel, Legenda O Sibiri, Oasis Nichole, Angel Wings, Feather Dancer, Fanion, Sestra Lybid, Chornomorska Chaika, Lunar Dance, Tsarevna-Lebed, Homolano, Full Compliment, Tarnished Treasure, Cloud Reflection, Rose DArphy, Ptakhy Ternovykh Kushchiv, Persha Lastivka, Pont-Martin, Cœur De Soie, Oasis Hairy, Flopsy Topsy, Sherry Time, God Bless You, Off Lee Nice, Roza Hutor, All My Loving, Ciel De Mai, Spoonful Of Sugar, More Than White, Rozovy Flamingo, Bely Nosorog, Lornas Morning Dew, Just Pretending, Holy Suicide, Touch Of Heaven, Wings Of Desire, Wings Of Desire, Daylight Robbery, Gutsulka Ksenya, Elmers Peachy Cream, Heartbreak Point, Never Say Never, Polite Manners, Requiem Pour Ma Mère, Tsvetochny Bal, Dochenka, Lornas Blue Sombrero, Upon A Star, American Eagle, For Grace Eva, Karpatska Vatra, Just For Me, Oasis Angel, Song Of The Wind, De Zwaan, Apostrophe, Shades Of Mauve, Eagle Landing, Lornas Pink Cloud, Set Sail, Venchanyie, Captain Hook, Holy Fire, Summertime Fun, Summertime Fun, Freedom Roadshow, Dnevnaya Babochka, Mad About Saffron, Illiuziya, Double Bow, Oasis Danny, Oasis Danny, Cosmic Rumble, Mii Oberih, Stepan Giga, Oasis Gina, Pamiat O Druge, Clown Blanc, Lead Out Loud, Maggie Beth, Larcenaire, Smiles At Midnight, Oasis Gary, Venise Carnaval, Courtin Daisy Mae, Draps De Soie, Solnechnaya Pesnya, Cates Wonderland, Svetik, Elmers Peppi, Joyces Wish, Joyces Wish, Oasis Sydney, Cryursocksoff, Its A Dream, Purr Form Mints, Na Khvylyakh Svityazya, Oasis Kelly, Cellular Crash, Leah Gentry Burks, Danse Ballerine, Flight To Mars, Strawberry Magic, Bill Of Rights, Major Stéphane, Dancing Butterfly, See You Later Alligator, Silver Trumpets, Flamenco Flight, Village Must Know, Bombay Eyes, Medobory, Oasis Hooks, Tzarevitch, Sadovy Liubimets, David B. Burks, Exacta, Zagadochny Sirius, Celestial Horizon, Oasis Cathy, Hawaiian Rain, Space The Final Frontier, White Out, Oasis Fair, Charuyushchiy Vzor, Vishchiy Son, Shaggy Flounces, Oasis Glacier, Ho Ho Ho, Le Bel Homme, Blazing Memory, Be My Girl, Freedom Of Expression, Oasis Anna, Heather Sky, Lyubava, Ferget Dah Mustard, Stand In Awe, Oasis Gotital, Pesn O Liubvi,


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