(TB) Tall Bearded Iris

'Navy Strut'

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AIS Data

(TB) 'Navy Strut' 1974, Schreiner'Navy Strut' (Schreiner, R. 1972). Seedling# D 232-C. TB, 35" (89 cm). Early midseason bloom. Marine violet-blue self; self beard; ruffled. Seedling# T 480-AA: (seedling# L 474-J x seedling# R 632-B) X seedling# Y-64A: ('Sterling Silver' x seedling# R 536-2). Schreiner 1974.



Sterling Silver,


Paint It Black, Tempie, Cobweb Morning, Ocean Fury, Noble Gentry, Midnight Fragrance, Fine Wine, Fine Wine, Penrhyn, Midnight Dancer, Midnight Dancer, Midnight Dancer, Evening Velvet, Mathilde, Falcon Pride, Stormy Night, Eagles Wing, Ruffles Galore, Evening Canticle, Sapphire Dawn, Grandmas Love, Raven Rock, American Classic, Navy Waves, Heavens Herald, Maschteich, Simply Majestic, Deep Deep Mulberry, Eight Bells, Trapel, Kraehenwinkel Blue, Kranitzs Alibi, Royal Satin, Lady Cynthia, Celestial Storm, Blue It Up, Watch Night, Pledge Allegiance, Mountain Valley, Majska Solistka, Blenheim Royal, Grapes Of Wrath, Black Harmony, Black Butte, Seth, Peter Tchaikovsky, Autograph, Lavender Lullaby, Black Orpheus, Kingsland Royale, North Pole, Pamela Panorama, TB Rhythm King, Gyro, Sea Wolf, Betty Frances, Kylie Lynn, Storm Watch, Indigo Princess, Star Wars, Night Ranger, Master Touch, Thumper Snook, Midnight Tango, Cosmic Dance, Royal Viking, Neil Diamond, TB Winter Sonnet, Purple Pirouette, Memphis Blues, Night Club, Night Ruler, Superstition, Carolines Suggest, Deep Mulberry, Rodeo Girl, Tranquil Night, Jennys Friend, Titans Glory, Hello Darkness, Hello Darkness, After Candle, Magellan, Blues Singer, Neal Bradley, Lady Lavendale, Principles, Night Affair, Rolling Thunder, Final Countdown, Kings Tribute, Vans Bugaboo, Duke Of Dubuque, Proud Tradition, Monarchs Robe, Orbiter, Windstar, Bitter Butter, Atlantic Mist, Storm Wave, Best Bet, Kraehenwinkel Flieder, Silverado, Riverboat Blues, Boy Howdy, Electric Avenue, Stellar Lights, Evelyns Echo, Festival Crown, Inside Passage, Codicil, Kekionga, Midnight Hour, Sharons Gale, Blue Note Blues,


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