(TB) Tall Bearded Iris

'Pink Formal'

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AIS Data

(TB) 'Pink Formal' 1949, Muhlestein'Pink Formal' (Tell Muhlestein, R. 1947). TB, , Early to late bloom. Color Class-R4M, Deep pink self; beards red-tangerine; slightly ruffled. 'Golden Eagle' X Loomis 'SQ-72'. Tell 1949.



Golden Eagle,


Pink Sunset, Love It, Sky Hostess, Buck N Wing, Coral Ice, Earnest Endeavor, Frosted Cupcake, Pink Petty, Turning Point, Magic Light, Picture Bouquet, Golden Ivory, Apricot Queen, Dresdenette, Cyclamen Rose, Arkadiy Raykin, SQ 72, Pastel Supreme, Spanish Affair, Cherub Pink, Pink Lassie, Astrid, Lovely Linda, Lady In Lace, Enchanted Land, Formality, Winsome Lass, Irene Brown, Raspberry Ice Cream, Golden Corona, MacQuarie Pink, Helen Marie, Button Stitched, Mean Streak, Wayward Fancies, Kleine Libelle, Darla Jean, Golden Tangerine, Party Dress, Banana Belt, Banana Belt, Fruit Salad, Truly Fair, Cameo Portrait, White Jade, Arts Pink, Tender Touch, Plicata Lace, College Girl, Kissin Kin, Adeena, Ultrapoise, Sharon Ann, Rose Orchid, Cute Tomato, Orange Parade, Taffy Pink, Fanciful, Almost Gladys, Hawaiian Melody, Tantallon, Tom Howard, Shari, Bon Bon Pink, Pink Intensity, Flapperette, Cherokee Rose, Janice Lee, Clara Mae Adair, Maybelle Martyn, Elizabeth De Witz, Easter Sunset, Pink Tassel, Flirtation, Flirtation, Flirtation, Happy Dreams, Captains Lady, Pink Pomp, Pink Pomp, Pinup Queen, Mary Geraldine, Hamburg Petticoat, Infinite Glory, Pink And Sweet, Ruffled Orchid, Apricot Lustre, Rosebloom, Sunday Girl, For Elizabeth, Montana Maid, Apricot Dandy, Apricot Dandy, Pink Wonderland, La Parisienne, Fabulous Kate, Gay Lynn, Ferndale Felicity, Dame Fashion, Raspberry Queen, Kiss Waltz, Blossom Festival, Bluewill, Blazing Fire, Merrily, Rockwood Luck, Raspberry Rapture, Orange Crush, Fashionette, Smithsonian, Sparkling Sunshine, Katherine, Pink Dream, Anembo, Celestial Delight, Warm Welcome, Frankly Red, Girl Friday, Bright Dreams, Golden Flounce, Susan Jean, Horned Rosyred, Painters Lady, Oos And Ahs, Pink Fashion, Orange Fantasy, Purple Magnolia, Austral Cream, Miss St. Louis, Rich Experience, Speedbird, Speedbird, Dawning Sun, Oriental Pearl, John Paul Jones, Persian Jewel, Truly Pink, Dawn Rose, Viscount, Viscount, Pacific Pearl, Kia Viti, Roger Paul, Pink Plic, Eleanor Z., Pink Platter, Moonflight, Dusty Frills, Quiet Grandeur, Zauberschein, Just Annie, Tyson, Pink Setting, Kawana, Jewel Song, Noble Guest, Gay Ruffles, Vagabond Lady, Country Cuzzin, Snow Flame, Pink Flurry, Pink Porcelain, Pristine, Orange Frills, Jan Elizabeth, Sunny Lane, Hans C., Kimzey, Colorama, Emerald Fountain, Pink Supreme, Lilac Parade, Pinkie Lea, Ark Royal, Ark Royal, Spring Tonic, Skookum, Love Bug, Love Bug, Bright Fuchsia, Smootho, Swiss Charm, Shangri-La, Showman, Deep Crimson, Esther Scholer, Tamars Pledge, Dortha Lee, Famille Rose, Flamingo Bay, Jingle Bells, Blushing Venus, Pink Flame, Smoked Salmon, Pink Parasol, Burning Ember, Pink Splendour, Pink Bonnet, Minn Apricot, Lovely Legend, Triumphant, Joy Joy Joy, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Egypt, Gay Jane, One Desire, Trevose, Stately Charm, Apricot Belle, Jolly Jumbuk, Blarney Creek, Magelone, Coral Reef, Graduation Gift, Party Frills, Patricia Allen, Carved Alabaster, Pink Papa, Affection, Lovely Cecile, Lovely Cecile, Miss Rema, Waymark, Ivyholm Buttercup, Royal Rose, Pink Valentine, Edwardian, Dominocus, Lady of Egypt, Diane Cheryl, Salmon Fuchsia, Mr. Wonderful, Charming Mistress, Duchess Eloise, Miss B. Haven, Forever Spring, Forever Spring, Paradepferd, Love Letters, Bloomfield Joy, Land Of Smiles, Pink Fulfillment, Pink Choice, Vicky Marie, Desert Smoke, Winged Fuchsia, Cool Siloam, Firebird, Duchess Eugenia, Kachina Doll, Gay Time, Pink Ribbon, Peachy Creamy, Pretty Maid, Orange Creamo, Pink Pearls, Summer Kiss, Orange Beacon, Orange Beacon, Lady Marie, Gold Lightning, Spanish Whim, Arctic Dawn, Gold Rim, Filoli, Shirley Bevans, Songmaker, Windy Hill, Sunrise Peaks, Heartbeat, Anthea, Janie Wolfe, Melody Rose, Happy Returns, Karlee, Curtis A., Salmon Sheen, Coral Bouquet, Pink Light, Rural Rhythm, High Style, New Adventure,


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