(TB) Tall Bearded Iris

'Rippling Waters'

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AIS Data

(TB) 'Rippling Waters' 1961, Fay 'Rippling Waters' ( Orville Fay, R. 1961). Seedling# 58-7. TB, height 37" (94 cm), Midseason bloom. Blue-orchid and pink blended self; tangerine beard. (seedling# 51-29, sibling to 'Native Dancer' x seedling# 51-50) X (seedling# 51-43 x 'May Hall'). Fay 1961. High Commendation 1960; Honorable Mention 1962; Judge's Choice 1962, 1963; Award of Merit 1964; American Dykes Medal 1966.Previously the name was registered but never distributed this stock was destroyed and the above was given this name.Unintroduced was--- 'Rippling Waters' (Orville Fay, R. 1952) Sdlg. 49-28. TB, 38" (97 cm), M Medium blue-violet (sea blue, Wilson 043/1), pale-lemon beard. 'Helen Mc Gregor' X 'Cahokia'.RIPPLING WATERS (Fay '61). "The most beautiful blended orchid, pink and cream capped with a bold red beard. Beautifully ruffled and laced fonn and a fine stem. Commanding in a clump and serene in the living room vase. Has so many fine qualities that it can be faulted only in its tendency to produce smaller type flowers, due to certain winter weather conditions. Still one of the most dependable Dykes Medalists in recent years." [Roger R. Nelson (Wayne, Nebraska), “An Extra Dimension” The Bulletin of the American Iris Society, No. 196, (January 1970): 8.]



Whibeppink, Dream Lover, Karen Jane, Majsko Obilje, Diva, Nordic Prince, Contribution, Lilac Lass, Sunday Brunch, Simfoniya, Ragazza, Schneeweisschen, Fluted Burgundy, Goodbye Heart, Snow Frills, Gentle Spirit, Swan Pond, Spirit Of Life, Tsvetochnaya Vaza, Main Point, Buffy, Laguna, Laguna, Space Blazer, Pacific Waters, Winter Magic, Arizona Byways, Moments Of Decision, May Romance, Rippling Sea, TB) Grandmas Springdress, Country Girl, Dualtone, Carol Sweet, Jacobin, Jacobin, Snowtime, Light Breeze, Light Breeze, Orchid Wings, Instant Charm, Flashy Fashion, Crystal Cave, Country Manor, Strange Interlude, Strange Interlude, Dawn Cloud, Sinaloa, Poets Eye, Thelmas Fancy, Supreme Bliss, Naive, Lilac Ruffles, Okanagan Blizzard, Misty, Blue Caphen, Golden Buckeye, Melody DAmour, Lilac Mist, Louise Grace, Cheyenne Sky, Feminine Charm, Miss Kelat, Blazing Glory, Orchid Echo, Queen Vashti, Queen Vashti, Nedotroga, Coral Magic, Alpine Haze, Mai Ling, Cindy Ellen, Mexicali Rose, Pink Pinnacle, Aku Aku, Orchid Charm, Captain Jack, Helen Wanner, Helen Wanner, Violet Chapeau, Chimgan, Schwanenballett, Floral Lace, Mily Drug, Space Dream, Olympic Ripples, Gateway, Gateway, Peach Picotee, Antioch, Galantny Sheyk, Rosilla, Arctic Fantasy, Peace Appeal, Star City, Lofty Lavender, Ruffles And Lace, Ozark Beauty, Grafinia Uvarova, Chornomorska Chaika, Easy Way, Words Of Love, Orchid Melody, Life Master, Miss Dolly Dollars, Vdokhnoveniye, Golden Shower, No Secret, Come Dancing, Springtime Fantasy, Nitty, Ametistovy Braslet, Bewick Swan, Sweet Musette, Princess Karen, Magic Hour, Snow Song, Daves Dazzler, Heavens Best, Northlander, Musettas Waltz, Angel Lips, Flamingo Fling, Jubilant Psalm, Fluted Lavender, Prosit, Yantarny Talisman, Orange Blossom Special, Mulberry Crush, Vostochny Ornament, Venetian Dancer, Utro Tumannoye, Quiescent, Gift Of Spring, Ivyholm Shirley, Zagreb Lady, Sugar Coated Love, Rive Gauche, Lady Chance, Tayny Liubovnik, Orchid Lane, Steven Dean, Nickelodeon, Pastel Peach, Vistas Of Joy, Barbara Dawn, Snow Wonder, Modest Valour, Longview Rose, Orchid Skies, Lynn With Love, Aelita, Whispering Breeze, Lovely Kris, His Highness, Karmen Dance, Orchid Dancer, Belvoir Castle, Charlean, Country Lilac, Panache, Fortune Bay, Fire On Ice, Nehantic, Ottepel, Daffodil Cloud, Lovely Lilac, Center Fold, Nebraska Skies, Lilac Thrill, McKay, Orchid Tapestry, Kelat Queen, Continental Divide, Double Dip, Double Dip, Woodland Rose, Spring Symphony, Purple Pagoda, Colette, Colette, Pretty Nancy, Pretty Nancy, Star Fleet, Laced Wonder, Marilla, Daisy Pink, Joy Dancer, Ever Charming, Peach Jam, Candyman, Twilight Thoughts, Allura, Allura, Returning Peace, Talking Point, Morning Call, Porcelain Rose, Gembrook, Gembrook, May Thomas, Lovely Ripples, Arctic Silence, Sea Dream, Silver Shadows, Rare Treasure, Karen Christine, Old Times, Carnaby, Mystics Muse, Farmers Daughter, Lavender Kiss, Maria Tormena, Doxology, Majestic Pride, Majestic Pride, Lilac Haze, Princess, Introit, Artwork, Igra S Ogniom, Silvery Lilac, Persian Morn, Summer Olympics, Yokayo, Page Girl, Star Valley, Vanity Skirt, Nikolskaya Krasavitsa, Katy Bug, Dream Fantasy, Tashkent, Cloverdale, Pink Pirouette, Opera News, Opera News, Glass Menagerie, Powder Peach, Sweet Wonder, Lupine Blue, Far Country, Marv, Handsome Lass, Arctic Torch, San Leandro, Broxted Cerulean, Doktor Rodionenko, Broxted Bounty, Infinity, Great Mountain, Vasia-Vasiliok, Holly Kay, Okanagan Lass, Finale, Fairy Slippers, Uvlecheniye, Summer Love, Arctic Sunset, Grand Array, Amaretto, Triumphant, Creation Twilight, Farfalla Dambra, Constancy, Azure Gold, Rondetta, Golden Dynasty, Faydy Girl, New Rochelle, Jolly Jumbuk, Jolly Jumbuk, Pearl Chiffon, Grecian Gown, Noble Fancy, Noble Fancy, Theatre Arts, Theatre Arts, Raspberry Ripples, Spring Mood, Royal Courtship, Rich Dreams, Valentina, Fond Wish, Muted Melody, Cloud Peak, Last Chance, Oh Gee, Mannequin, Vibrant Splendor, Lady Of Loudoun, Trudy Birrell, Satin Ribbon, Cinnamon Kisses, Tomorrows Dream, Jody, Majski Dotik, Mulled Wine, Koroleva Kazino, Calendar Girl, Tennessee Waltz, Rippling Sunrise, Henry J, Baby Face, Heather Lane, Emissary, Emissary, Lucy Blocher, Tender Thought, Spanish Lace, Mary Paschal, Sleepytime Gal, Precious Faith, Tonja Roewert, Swift River, Lombardy, Cosmic Lady, Koroleva Bala, Askiya, Orchid Light, Pink Peace, Claudia Reed, Perky Parakeet, Tipperary, Bubbling Springs, Bubbling Springs, Hall Of Song, Dancing Lady, Loves Young Dream, Favorites Daughter, Wheal Jane, Solomons Seal, Eishauch, Clara Ann, Dixie Darling, American Pace, Brookside, Pretty Maid, Elegant Pink, Orchid Prize, Aziat, Doves Breast, Consuming Fire, Misty Watercolors, Misty Watercolors, Lady Marie, Ship Shoal, Pastel Sky, Hawaiian Serenade, Hawaiian Serenade, Paris Opera, Akkord, Floral Waltz, Proud Heritage, Eternal Joy, Orchid Spire, Zagreb Brown Mary, Lilac Flare, Spicy, Cherry Jubilee, Nikolchanka, Magical Encounter, Ikar, Majestic Prince, Lilac Dimples, Lilac Treat, Atlantic Ripples, Sini Sini Iney, Promenade, British Blush, Honeymoon Attire, Ramona S., Buzki Porohy, Miss Minnesota, Mediterranean Blue, Liz,


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