(TB) Tall Bearded Iris


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AIS Data

(TB) 'Silverado' 1987, Schreiner'Silverado' (Schreiners, R. 1986). Seedling# S92-D. TB, height 38" (97 cm). Midseason bloom. Ruffled butterfly blue (HCC 645/3); self beard. Seedling# K 440-5: ('Starina' x 'Navy Strut') X 'Carriage Trade'. Schreiner 1987. Award of Merit 1991; Wister Medal 1993; American Dykes Medal 1994.



Crystal Angel, Odna Kalyna, Covina, Noble Stature, Reap The Rewards, Ivan Yermakov, Hello Shipmate, Dance Of Angels, Azure Angel, On Trust, Evadna Gay, Going Green, Southwest Silver, All Flounce, Waldfee, Uncle Charlie, Servin Up Sparkle, Shipmate First Class, Blue Hour, Galyna Korniyenko, Concise, Mathilde, Play The Fool, Pewter and Gold, Return Of Innocence, Kopciuszek, Better Half, Glory In Snow, Zolotaya Meduza, Motley Fool, Mimir, Valerie Joyce, Gentle Guardian, Change In The Weather, Porterville Centennial, Eidolia, Cliff Baughen, Rimskiye Kanikuly, Down To Earth, Clearwater River, Believe In Me, Arctic Age, Liodovykovy Period, Belgium Blue Diamond, Vot Takaya Zagogulina, New Challenge, Berowra, Siniaya Ptitsa, New Tune, Uwodziciel, Break The Ice, Hills And Dales, Lemon Springs, Glacia Island, Platynek, Yuzhny Abrikos, Years Of Plenty, Hannaton, Cumulus, Shadow Caper, Beyond The Pale, Dreams In Flight, Almost Blue, String Bean, Brodiaga, Afternoon In Rio, Periwinkle Minuet, Vershina Tioi, Morskaya Pena, Una McLean, World Without End, Penta, Peace And Harmony, Born To Dance, Got The Blues, Lydia S. K., Topsy White, Fragrant Breeze, Boys In Blue, Equalizer, Silver Cove, New Century, Buziaczek, Gwen Le Feu Intérieur, Beautiful Song, Lavender Icicle, Kirrawee, Bipolar Sunrise, Blue Tiara, Ponad Khmaramy, Judy My Love, Weisse Duene, Lois Legacy, Dancing River, Tracking Rabbits, Kingdom Of Heaven, Delphinium Sky, Yellow Streak, Thunder Quay, Wings To Fly, Gypsy Wind, Summer Carnival, Cortegianno, Too Below Zero, Blue Ridge Beauty, Marquise, Cherished Friendship, Be Counted, Mary Fussell, Sedmoye Chudo Sveta, Timeless Theme, Darlene My Love, Mickey Austell, Barryblue, Rally, Maid Of Avalon, Dame Du Lac, Icy Straits, All Silent, Winterfest, Winterfest, Hypnotic Melody, Perticara, Zielona Gora, Cartoon, Deep Dreamer, Icy Winds, Traveling Show, Share The Spirit, Suvorovets, Silk Sensation, Nabasna Rika, American Eagle, On Ice, Melba, Jaycee, High Stakes, Lunnaya Tropa, Eternal Praise, Weiss Guy, Eagle Landing, Transient Dancer, My Balinda, Fjord, Amenort, Jagodowe Wzgorze, Laura Emily, Dracan, Foolishness, Daleamite, Bialy Posag, Silk Empress, Coffee Confection, Nestucca Rapids, Bile Tango, Sanctification, Château De La Bussière, Andante Con Brio, Evergreen, Mister Nice Guy, Vosmoy Den Nedeli, White Pool, Jimmy G, Godspell, Laughingstock, Fountain Of Grace, Dorothy Evans, Ivory Goddess, Blagorodny, Darlene Knight, Admired, Stock Exchange, Makybe Diva, Voyage Impressionniste, Eighteen, Zloy Neptun, Cool Shadows, Go Between, Vareriy Chkalov, Vision In Burgundy, Melancholy Moment, Zamok Luary, In Camelot, Aegean Wind, Cichy Romans, Rising Worship, Niagara, Baie de Morlaix, Heart Rejoice, TB Loudéac, Viva La Mauve, Mildred Anne, Bialy Pielgrzym, Jaguar Blue, Silver Wolf, Sierra High, Brazenberry, Shire Of Warrnambool, Onesforu, Budjik Hill, Rusty Ripples, Siniaya Akula, Somni, Frühlingssonne, Tall Order, Marilyns Skirt, Lavender Ice, Envy Of Dresden, Solemn Promise, Oberman, Thunderpony, Temptone, Vostochnaya Skazka, Blue Skirt Waltz, Fills Fantasy, Miasto Bachusa, Nod to Rob, Abundant Peace, Chanson De Geste, Akwarela, Celestial Horizon, Lady Of Leoness, Avalon Dreamer, Wodospad, Lose Your Blues, Silk Stocking Street, Maska Lva, Louise Austell, Work Ethic, Intimidator, Keep The Peace, Agrodolce, Irish Cream, Aussie Challenge, June Brazier, Nordic Ice, Calculated Grace, Flashed Tips, Royal Performance, Myszka, Second Option, Nico-Nico, Blue Streaker, No Count Blues, Lemon Frappucino, Millie,


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