(TB) Tall Bearded Iris

'Sky Hooks'

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AIS Data

(TB) 'Sky Hooks' 1980, Osborne'Sky Hooks' (Manley Osborne, R. 1979). Seedling SA-1. TB, 38" (97 cm). Midseason bloom. Standards soft yellow pongee (RHS 160C); falls soft yellow (160D/C), flushed lighter in center; gold beard ending in violet horns; ruffled. 'Wedding Vow' X 'Moon Mistress'. Melrose Gardens 1980.



Xochipilli, Shoot The Moon, Sundrenched, Stars And Stripes, Kosmichnyi Vals, Elegaball, Phantom Mist, Mauvelous, Lurid, Mystic Lover, Oruzhenosets, Justified, Gumanoid, Blue Hooks, Blue Hooks, Lan, Robe Of Royalty, Return To Bayberry, Pink Diablo, Darnella, Brilantine, Brilantine, Spot On, Beverly Morningstar, Branching Out, Fear Factor, Second Act, Oriental Silk, Crazy In Horns, Sanovnik, Ami Daniel, Egyptian, Waterspout, Kolizey, Awesome Alex, Trick Or Treat, TB Sister Mary, Romantika, Alabaster Unicorn, Lightning Strike, Concorde With Hooks, Parisian Model, Cool Dragon, Hypnotizer, Rivers End, Arcobaleno, Chic Choix, Spirit, High Spirited, Soissons, Soissons, Sues Choice, Blowing Bubbles, Sylvan, Chasing Moonbeams, Mister Flounce, Mister Flounce, ◼ Chamois DOr, Vitiaz, Eternal Bliss, El Presidente, Weldon Gibbs, Zurich, Moonlit, Scented Bubbles, Lemon Magic, Snorri, Passion Flower, Airforce One, Papillon DAutomne, Papillon DAutomne, Brekeke, Dance For Joy, Too Many Flounces, Apogeum, Dan Angala, Midnight Serenade, Cactus Moon, Twice Tossed, Spirito Gitano, Manitou Skies, Bev Lee Downs, Fée Viviane, Palmetto Grape Butter, Art School Angel, Unicorn Wonder, Brassy Bugler, Decory Win, Sky Falls, Sea World, Silver Spoons, Daubers Surprise, My Bettina, Cocorico, Bee Lover, Mammy Blue, ◼ "Épée Violette", Act Surprised, Aroused, Enchanteur Merlin, His Royal Highness, Goldfinger, Oro Antico, Heavenly Valley, Biplane, Sun Beige, Batter Up, Misty Twilight, Antigua Soleil, Prichuda, For Richard, Thunderball, Solar Impact, Majska Severnicia, Horns And Blues, Space Dancer, Salem Falls, Kubanski Kazak, Imagine That, Échirolles, Frappe, Orange Horns, Mediterrano, Planet Janet, Special Feature, Magic Bus, Silver Screen, Heavenly Horns, Wings Of Desire, Jump For Joy, Cant Buy Me Love, Boy Next Door, Boy Next Door, Hookem Horns, American Survivor, Jester, Dame Du Lac, Tekauwhata Gem, Sweeter Dream, Thornbird, Chachar, Invocazione, Ivan Grozny, Kraina Sontsia, Ghost Busters, Antler Road, Terminator, Rode To Oz, For Mary, British Blues, Poseidons Realm, Jaycee, Hellada, Nyby, Duke Of Earl, Triple Whammy, Flûte Enchantée, Jil Lyn, Jungle Cat, Manitou Maiden, Summer Sonata, Clown Around, Abiding joy, Parade Blues, Witchs Cape, Potion, Double Trouble, Kubanski Podarok, Dancing Thunder, Summertime Fun, Blowtorch, Honey Scoop, Twitter Arms, Northern Sky Blues, Ostrogoth, Gensek, Star Wish, Patpa, Mys Horn, Mys Horn, Messire Pierre, Yellow Spoon, Tea Leaves, Chris Cross, Mesmerizer, Blackberry And Cream, Second Wind, Cape Horn, Stena Kitayskaya, Yuppy Puppy, Smiles At Midnight, Fontaine De Jouvence, Hands Up, Dashing, Harrys Beloved, Kiwi Bird, St. Petersburg, Mannekin Pis, Illulisat, Illulisat, Colombo, Galactic Warrior, Kir, Horned Owl, Dance Of Clouds, Yapona Mat, Deity, Loch Ness, Heavenly Bliss, Coral Point, Cowboy In Black, Blue Fin, Luciole, Northern Flame, Ranger Mosby, Joyces Wish, Ice Stairs, Flying Carpet, Skyhopper, Westpointer, Space Hunter, Aspen, Stingray, Curtain Up, Fright Night, Lord Umpqua Of Yamhill, Mescalero Chief, Starship, Good Fairy, Modry Trn, Du Toit, Second Show, Belle Du Jour, Big Butterhorn, Rogonosets, Lookout Point, Come To Me, Gilded, Cloudia, Dymka, Golden Fasan, Cavalcabo, TB Hooked On Pink, Somni, Smith Named Keith, Magic Kingdom, Whats Up Doc, Victorian Pleasures, Lets Pretend, Doublemint, Carmagnole, Ice For Brice, Spring Jade, Classy Chassy, Batman, Bearded Wonder, Ride The Tiger, Rush Hour, Apollo One, Winterland, Beauty To Behold, Rings Of Saturn, Space Opera, Liubimy Kray, Howdy Do, Albinos, Uvy, Creamish Storm, Whisper Game, Fontanone, No Name City, Chiort-te Chto, Nochi Shekherezady, Glass Wings, Brass Horn, Interdevochka, Rhapsody In Peach, Conjuration, Heart of Ice, Beaky Wit, Artist Pick, Casual Joy, Ami Bertrand, Embassy Ball, Corona El Sol, Mukaddam, Flashed Tips, Mari, Lori Suzanne, Impeccable, Montélimar,


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