(TB) Tall Bearded Iris

'Stepping Out'

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AIS Data

(TB) 'Stepping Out' 1964, Schreiner'Stepping Out' (Schreiners, R. 1964). Seedling# S 562-A. TB, height 38" (97 cm). Midseason to late bloom. Color Class-W2V, Large white areas sharply patterned edges of blue-black-violet. Parentage unknown. Schreiners 1964. Honorable Mention 1965; F. Cook 1966; Judges Choice 1965, 1966; Award of Merit 1967; Nelson Award 1968; American Dykes Medal 1968.





Circle Step, Sorellina, Gudrun Carolina, Cascadian Skies, River Patrol, Stepping Dancer, Blue Formality, Class Of Twenty-Two, Quickstep, Singing Rain, Indigo Rim, Broadway Boogie, Kathy O, Tale Spinner, Redelta, Detmolder Sommer, Modern Classic, Loreleis Song, Kings Rhapsody, Corretto, Bird In Flight, Pineapple Poll, Sunny Sail, Fall Of Eagles, Drevni Rim, Autumn Encore, Cow Town Capers, Mean Streak, Council Meeting, Nadeau, Pocatalico, Star Lance, Doodle Strudel, Entity, Dancing Jewel, Big Brother, Agnes Friday, Barely Plic Amo, Heavens Edge, Freiberger Silber, Grape Wheel, Pleasure Cruise, Astrologer, Leporello, Lenthold, Plic Personality, Convention Seventy-Four, Suess Luetsche, Dreamscape, Gypsy Butterfly, Gypsy Butterfly, Gypsy Butterfly, Lucky Break, Street Fair, Unexpected, Summer, Flickering Firelight, Gillys Wine, Barbarina, Rocket Red, Veneration, Pistol, Dancing Beauty, Communique, Calliope Tune, True Heart, Line Of Battle, Playing Around, Sinkiang, Bold Overture, Mascarade, Royal Cape, Sirius Shimmer, Bernie Branumn, Marenovaya Roza, Pegasus Parade, Midnight Lace, Midnight Lace, Dyselbreok, Bay Shore, Idamantes, Oos And Ahs, It, Blue Tempest, Skripka Paganini, John Paul Jones, Surf Rider, East Windsong, Touch Of Color, Mio Caro, Grape Accent, Buzok, Sly Witch, High Stepper, Radiant Flair, Gay Cloud, Como Surprise, Winners Circle, Staroye Tango, Bouree, Butterscotch Swirl, Peach Jam, Peach Jam, House Of Lords, La Zanzara, Kathys Joy, Golden Rial, Firenze Frolic, Stitch In Time, Stitch In Time, Emilia Pauline, Class Memories, Coosaw, Dance Band, Karen Christine, Midnight Circle, Brilliant Excuse, Maria Tormena, Come Away With Me, Born Blue, Lisas Secret, Sindy, Sindy, Loretta Max, Night Out, Bicolor Plic, Tricolor Special, Veiled Skies, Veiled Skies, Doctor Joe, Manoir La Salle, Love Spring, Stepping Proud, Nikolski Suvenir, Around Town, Gigi, Metompkin Violet, Gemmy, Joy Joy Joy, Stripe It Rich, Anastasia, Farfalla Dambra, Cracken, Krasnia, Aegean Star, Quiz Show, Formal Attire, Sharp And Sassy, Satin Ribbon, Tikhaya Zavod, Arminius, Quite The Same, Sempronio, Night Hawk, Dominocus, Beckon, Pat Rollman, Pat Rollman, Violet Snow, Going My Way, Fun And Games, Fun And Games, Fun And Games, Smoky Jo, Lavender Rings, Eleventh Avenue, Stitched Beauty, Sentry, Loop The Loop, Odyssey, Unolf, Attention Please, Classy, Morning Sunshine, Merry Madrigal, Rondo, Light At Eventide, Busy Butterfly, Rain Cloud, Kalahari, Volatile,


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