(TB) Tall Bearded Iris

'Whole Cloth'

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AIS Data

(TB) 'Whole Cloth' 1958, Cook'Whole Cloth' (Paul Cook, R. 1956) Seedling# 12555. TB, height 36" (91 cm). Midseason bloom. Amoena. Standards clean white, falls light violet (Ridgway); no haft marks. 'Cahokia' X seedling# 11253: ('Blue Rhythm' x ((blue seedling x 'Progenitor') x ('Distance' x blue seedling))). Longfield 1958. Honorable Mention 1958; Judges' Choice 1959; Award of Merit 1960; American Dykes Medal 1962.



Snow Cloud, Orchid Cloud, Black Tie Affair, Nanette Elizabeth, Distant Peak, Brokers Tip, Lordly Ways, Fancy Tales, Concertina, Colorbration, Start The Music, Country Charm, Country Charm, Siboney, Siboney, Spirit Of Life, Sky Trail, Seda Alternativa, My Blue Heaven, Dress Suit, Double Decker, Overseas Haven, Gold Burst, Grape Ice, Taxco Jewel, Lily May, Servin Up Sparkle, Siam, Spring Ballet, May Romance, Charlotte Sawyer, Katy Lucile, Albino Ice, Beulah Land, Merry Witch, Dawns Early Light, Margarita, Phyllis Dee, Glacier Cap, Poloplic Druhy, Royal Navy, Diplomacy, Elva Ansell, Pure Pleasure, Robin Christine, Skydiva, Snowscape, Petite Posy, Silver Hues, Fallen Snow, Misty, White Challenger, Pella, College Graduate, Full Cry, Blushing Butterfly, Wichita Maid, Adventure Bay, Carnival Haven, Color Classic, Constance West, Top Notcher, Top Notcher, Carrie Lou Little, Blond Goddess, Crown Derby, Adah Kilpatrick, Dark Passion, Crystal Glow, Gleaming Light, Lovely Peace, Builders Choice, Memory Maker, Amelia K., Amelia K., Dvorakovo Largo, Color Coded, Cape Ivory, Mountain Tops, Milestone, Casino Royale, Rio Vista, Lord Baltimore, Maybe, Mt. St. Helens, Chukker Valley, Peach Picotee, Peach Picotee, Cameo Cascade, Cameo Cascade, Lee Ann, Silver Sapphire, Sky Gem, Miami Mist, Centre Court, Zbuzanka, Fashion Queen, Fashion Queen, Cream Rhapsody, Ride The Wind, Violet Delight, Forever More, Prvni Poloplic, Thunderbird Song, Orange Jubilee, White Cloudland, Juna Kay, Hamburg Romanze, Aalen Festival, Man Of War, Star Walker, Luscious Lemon, Morning Medley, Morning Medley, Visiting Nurse, Triton, Fairy Magic, Miss Indiana, Guys And Dolls, Golden Ballerina, Flower Of Athens, Kingston, Heavenly Body, Carolina Hope, Rhoda Ann, Love Is, Rhythm And Blues, Coolhead, Sugar Coated Love, Jazzed Up, Orchid Lane, Orchid Lane, TB High Street, Blue Shawl, Avalon Sunset, Tap Dancer, Days Delight, Days Delight, Carillon Belles, Navajo Blanket, Latin Lover, Sunset Blues, Whispering Breeze, Whispering Breeze, Po Ting, Distant Chimes, Milisska, Thou Swell, Septemberwolke, Appalachian Spring, Flower Power, Spring Greeting, Aperitif, Fantaisie, Twist Of Fate, Grace Kallam, Sunshine And Snow, Ivyholm Ruffles, Que Sera, Sea Wonder, Zenaida, Nebraska Navy, Margaret Zurbrigg, Swinger, Rainy Day, Magic Casements, Montserrat, Topless Plic, Topless Plic, Topless Plic, Double Feature, Louise, Fiesta Moon, Yankee Doodle, Violet Sea, Contender, Congeniality, Alma Mater, Kansas City Blues, Cascadeur, Bertie Jeffries, Virelay, Gipsy Moth, Dawns Music, Emma Law, Honor Guard, Savannah Sunset, Upper Room, Marshmallow, Main Attraction, Snow Sculpture, Ivy League, Fine Fettle, Happy Ending, Alstersegel, Blue Apron, Mauna Loa Magic, Lombard Haven, Lilac Champagne, Tenderly, Aalen Sunrise, Ginny, Mocha, Two-Step, Beauty Bonnet, Zitronenjette, Olympic Jewel, Arc Above, Gay Fiesta, Golden Act, John Stearns, Frosted Heliotrope, Starship Enterprise, Chief Sealth, Lynwood Sky, Jolly Jumbuk, Jolly Jumbuk, Jolly Jumbuk, Whole Pacific, High Country, Behold, Party Cloth, High Profile, Thai Silk, Mid-Victorian, Mid-Victorian, Betty Jo Crepps, Odklon, Opals Choice, Heres My Heart, Lady Of Loudoun, Crowning Glory, Snow Moon, French Crown, Cumulus Ascendant, Satin Flounces, Flying Cloud, Soo-Royal, Tomorrows Dream, Secret Pal, Snow Peach, Pleasing, Fire Goddess, Cloud Carnival, Ivyholm Buttercup, Sandwich, Short Story, Dawn Duet, Dawn Duet, Beckon, Sombrero Blanco, Snowy Throne, Mount Eden, Gentility, Gentility, Pestra Souhra, Amberesque, New Revue, Marvalon, Brazilec, Dramatic, Dramatic, Polynesian Sunset, Lillian Elizabeth, Povedena Replika, On High, Fair Winds, Odvaha, Arkaba Bridesmaid, Joy Forever, Spring Echo, Cloudland, Edgecumbe, Innocence, Agra, Show Biz, Miss Tasmania, Serene Duet, Chitty Bang Bang, Cadette, Cherokee Brave, Delphi, Southern Fiords, Misty Dawn, Goldie Ann, Goldie Ann, Red Planet, Nyoni,


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